The Open Listing Trap

Open Listing your property can be highly detrimental to your chances of selling for the highest price in the shortest time. One diligent, focused agent selling under an ‘exclusive listing’ will almost always outperform the efforts of many agents working on an ‘open listing’.

Now that may sound strange, however, in order to fully understand why this is so, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your real estate agent. An agent gains satisfaction from helping clients to sell their properties quickly to the right people for a high price. Of course, selling property is also their source of income – their livelihood.

So in that context, let’s look at the effects of an open listing and an exclusive listing on your agents’ priorities. Bear in mind that the table below isn’t by any means all about pleasing the agent. You're the client and you’re entitled to demand that your agent always acts in your best interests. You’ll see below why an Exclusive Listing really is to your best advantage!